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Join this simple challenge and you'll begin growing 
your email list IMMEDIATELY...even if you 
have ZERO subscribers right now...

Join this simple challenge and you'll begin growing 
your email list IMMEDIATELY... even if you have ZERO subscribers right now...

(Without a big network or large social media following) 

(Without a big network or large social media following) 

"...the best money I've spent in my ENTIRE LIFE!!"

Matt Crump

If you have an online business, you know how important your email list is.

One of the most attractive parts of starting an online business is that there aren't a lot of "must-haves."

The barrier to entry is virtually non-existent and the overhead is incredibly low.

Literally anyone can start an online platform and build a successful and profitable business.

But there is one requirement that most people miss: building an email list.

Having an email list means you OWN your connections. 

You can communicate with your audience when and how you want

You can't do that with Facebook or Twitter. 

You can't do it with Instagram or LinkedIn. 

You can't even do it with paid advertising. 

But with an email list you can communicate with your audience and sell products to them anytime you want!

What you might not know, though, is HOW to build your list. 

(If that's you, don't feel bad...when I first started out, I was totally clueless and wasted a lot of time trying things that didn't work)

If you've tried growing an email list, the odds are that you've had less-than-amazing results. 

Growing your email list can be hard...

But it doesn't have to be! 

"The List Launch Challenge gave me a clear path on not just what I need to do, but also when, how and why, to make an effective campaign...Matt over-delivers like crazy, which sets a great example for what I want to do for my readers."

Kelley Pomerantz

In the 7-day List Launch Challenge, I will PERSONALLY teach you what actually works in 3 lessons, so you can start growing your email list immediately! 

Invest $47 and 7 Days to Start Building Your Email List Today!

Through the Challenge I will share 3 proven strategies to build your email list (even if your list is currently at zero!)

List Launch Challenge is Action and Results Focused

Take a look at the results some of our past List Launch Challenge participants achieved DURING the Challenge...

"I'm so motivated that I have worked on finally finishing the 3 emails that had been sitting on my computer desk for months to launch my year long coaching program. Thank you Matt...for inspiring me to actually launch this now...Excited to see the they should be seen when the launch is finished this Friday."

Angelika Christie

"Finally got 3 emails done and TWO sequences launched. I'm working on a new one for a different list to launch Thursday! Yay!"

Susie Glennan

"I've had a pop-up on my site this year with about a 2% conversion. I've implemented my NEW pop-up with my new freebie and I have had 95 impressions and 9 conversions in 2 days!! That is a 9.27% conversion! I'm amazed."

Joy Bryant

"My eyes may be crossing, but I'm typing email #2 right now!"

Alyssa Avant

"Thank you SOOO so much...It was a total breakthrough for me. You helped me figure out my avatar. The floodgates are open big time!! I was so behind I almost quit. But last night I was working late and...Tameka was born!! 
My avatar has a story so long it could be a novel by now! I've had this idea for almost two years and never knew how to start. You helped me put it in gear!!"

Kathy Chavez

What You Will Learn From This Challenge

How much is an email subscriber worth?

If you find the right people for your list, the average value of a single subscriber can be worth $7.40/month. That's $88.80 per year for a single subscriber.

Now imagine having 1,000 of those people on your list, reading your emails, engaging with your content, and buying your products. 

Or how about 10,000? Or more!

These aren't flaky social media followers or random clicks to your website. These are contacts that you own and who become raving fans.

During this challenge, you'll learn how to quickly grow your email list with the right subscribers - people who want to hear from you regularly and buy what you're selling.

This isn't about padding your email list with vanity metrics. I'll show you how to grow your list quickly and get the most out of every subscriber.

What I teach in this 7-day challenge has worked for me and has worked for hundreds of others.

Now it's YOUR turn!

Act Now!
Start Building Your Email List Today!

Will You Be Next??

You can start growing your list immediately with the List Launch Challenge! 

Will you be the next Alyssa? 

During the the challenge Alyssa's list went from zero to 54! 

And that was just in those 7 days! 

If you put the work in during this challenge, you will grow your list

Alyssa and hundreds of other challenge participants are proof of that! 

So how about it? 

Are you ready to grow your list? 

If so, Join the List Launch Challenge NOW!

"I am so thankful for this course. It was something we probably should've paid [real] money for but we got an amazing deal instead. Wow."

Alyssa Avant

Your Email List Starts Growing NOW!

Your next steps are simple. 

If you are ready to start or grow your email list, invest just $47 to join the 7-day challenge

That's less than $7 per day to build your email list and put your business on the path to impacting hundreds or thousands and making money doing it! 

Each day I will share a lesson to help you grow your email list. 

Along with the lesson, you'll also get a daily action plan. This challenge is not just about the learning, but taking massive and impactful action every single day!

And if you get stuck along the way, don't worry. We'll have plenty of Q&A time each day with each lesson.

Let's do this!

See you inside the challenge! 

What You Get...

  • List Launch Challenge - Lifetime Access $497 value $47
  • BONUS: Premium Avatar Training $97 value FREE
  • BONUS: 66 Content Ideas (Your Complete Guide to Never Running Out of Content): $37 value FREE
  • BONUS: 27 Content Upgrades (Massive List Growth…Quick and Simple): $37 value FREE
  • BONUS: 75 Lead Magnets (Attract your Tribe and Create Raving Fans): $37 value FREE

Total Value: $705

You Pay: Just $47!

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What Past List Launch Challenge Participants Are Saying

"I am so motivated from this challenge...Much 
gratefulness to you!"

Ruth Stern

"Matt you are simply amazing! You have shared a preponderance of this List Launch Challenge. It's been great for us and brilliant for you...what you've shared with us has returned insights, feedback and built new members of the tribe called 'Raving Fans' of Matt. Thank you."

Bill Doerr

"I stopped sleeping because of this challenge. Thank you. Honestly, if I didn't have to sleep, I wouldn't."

Rizwan Sayani

"I'm SO excited! I barely slept last night because I was thinking and planning...I've got a few new subscribers today, AND I figured out how to get the popup to appear!!...Thanks Matt for all your great work! I for one appreciate this shot of energy you bring! I'm doing well building my list! So excited to finally have one pop-up with the option to build more as the year goes along! Super fun!"

Mari Ruddy

"Matt, your teaching has been amazing. Thank you so much for pouring your heart into these lessons. All has been extremely well organized and so very helpful. I'm sure you are exhausted from such extensive teaching. I'm exhausted in a very good way!"

Rhonda Geneva

"Thanks Matt. This challenge has been awesome to get me moving, stay focused and be accountable. Onwards and upwards."

Maura McKenna

Exclusive Bonus Training

One more thing...

My team and I decided that we want to be SURE that you have everything you need to build your email list during this challenge. 

And one of the most important aspects of building your list is knowing WHO you want to have ON your list in the first place. 

That's why we're going to GIVE my premium Avatar Training to you when you register for the List Launch Challenge ($97 value). 

Your avatar is a detailed description of your ideal subscriber, and having that description will make EVERYTHING we talk about during the List Launch Challenge easier. 

This training is normally only available inside my No Product No Problem course that our students pay $997 for...but I'm going to give it to you for FREE when you sign up for the List Launch Challenge today! 

So what are you waiting for?? 

This training alone is easily worth way more than what you'll invest in joining the Challenge...But it's just the START of what you'll get! 

So sign up today and get the BEST training available anywhere on starting and growing your email list, AND get the best training available anywhere on defining your avatar, so you can grow your email list faster!

Why Haven't Joined Yet???

If you're still reading this, I'm guessing you haven't joined yet...

So let me give it to you straight. 

This challenge flat-out works. 

When we did the challenge last year, we had people taking massive action and adding subscribers to their lists every. single. day. 

If you're serious about growing your email list, you've come to the right place. 

I strongly believe this is the best thing you can do in 7 days to grow your email list

But even the best system in the world won't work if you don't. 

So it's time to take action. 

Click the button below to start growing your email list...

...Or don't click the button below and spend the next weeks and months making the same exact mistakes I made for years. 

It's up to you. 

"When I started out I had about 240 subscribers and now have 398."

Sophia Demas

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