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    Create a Lifestyle You Love by Turning Your Passions Into Profits
    Turn Your Passions into Profits offers step-by-step guidance for turning your passions into a profitable and lasting business. It reveals how to find and attract your audience, build a following, and ultimately how to monetize your venture quickly and sustainably.

    Turn Your Passions into Profits will help you:
    • Gain clarity on the exact steps it takes to start, grow, and monetize your online platform.
    • ​Build up the confidence necessary to share your message with the world.
    • ​Realize that you deserve to create a good income doing what you love.
    • ​Acquire the tools and strategies needed to succeed with an online business and build your own online platform.
    "Here is your blueprint for serving well, living well, and leaving your dent in the universe."
    - Dan Miller, bestselling author of 48 Days to the Work You Love
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    advanced praise for turn your passions into profits
    Kevin Harrington Shark Tank Mentor to Millions Book - Passion into profits endorsement
    There’s a reason why entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world trust Matt to help them start, grow, and scale their businesses. His methods and systems work. 
    An original “shark” on the hit TV show Shark Tank and coauthor of Mentor to Millions
    passions into profit dory clark testimonial
    The path to entrepreneurship can be enormously fulfilling and profitable - if you have the right guide. Matt McWilliams has 'been there and done that,' and in his new book, he shares his copious wisdom and insight to help you avoid pitfalls and create a thriving business.
    Author of Entrepreneurial You and executive education faculty, Duke University Fuqua School of Business  
    Passion into profits testimonial by  Michael Hyatt
    We all have passions that grip our attention and make hours pass like minutes. Most people never consider that these are opportunities. Matt McWilliams’s gift to us is a practical, step-by-step roadmap to turn these interests into income-producing businesses that we love to run.
    Bestselling coauthor of Win at Work & Succeed at Life
    Passion into profits endorsement by  Susie Moore
    This is not a get-rich-quick book. It’s a how-to manual for building a long-lasting, meaningful, and impactful business built on your passions. Yes, you’ll learn how to make more money, escape the 9-to-5, and live the lifestyle you desire… but more importantly, you’ll learn how to do it in a sustainable way. 
    Bestselling Author of Let It Be Easy
    John Lee Dumas - Passion into profits testimonial
    I've worked with Matt for years and have always been impressed with how he turned an idea he was passionate about into a thriving business. He is the living definition of being ON FIRE and this book will help you achieve your version of financial freedom and fulfillment.
    Author of The Common Path to Uncommon Success and host of the award-winning podcast, Entrepreneurs On Fire
    Passion into profits endorsement by  Carrie Wilkerson
    When I started my first business from home in 1998, THIS was the book I was looking for (and never found). Everyone needs to hear from a typical and down-to-earth human who has gone from want to hustle to shift and then success, as they design it themselves. Success is in the eye of the beholder... not in a number, or a title or a number of followers on any platform. Matt epitomizes that and teaches you the brass tacks of replicating that, but your way. He's the silver bullet behind a lot of big names... but most importantly, he is a dad and husband who is leading his family and his clients and wants you to have the same fulfillment that he has found in a freedom-based lifestyle business. Here's to your profit! 
    Performance coach and bestselling author of The Barefoot Executive
    Jon Acuff - Passion into profits testimonial
    There are millions of people who say 'follow your passion,' but Matt is one of those rare individuals who can show you step-by-step how to not only do that, but how to turn it into a sustainable business. This book breaks through all the entrepreneurial clutter and gives you a real path anyone can follow!
    New York Times bestselling author of Soundtracks, the Surprising Solution to Overthinking


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    passions into profits bonus - developing your ideal customer avatar training


    Pre-Order by midnight PT, January 10, 2023 and get access to Matt's Developing Your Ideal Customer Avatar training. 

    In the book, Matt gives a basic training on how to develop your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA), the representation of who you create your content, products, and services for. But this exclusive bonus training takes a deep dive into the entire process and how to use your ICA to get clarity on your message and marketing. This training will ensure you’re only working with people you love to serve.
    "Thank you SOOO so much...It was a total breakthrough for me. You helped me figure out my avatar. I've had this idea for almost two years and never knew how to start. You helped me put it in gear!" - Kathy Chavez


    Pre-Order by midnight PT, January 10, 2023 and get exclusive access to Matt in an intimate, private live training and Q&A session.

    A few weeks after the official book launch on January 10, 2023 (so you have time to get the book and read it), Matt will host a 2+ hour next-level training exclusively for those who pre-order the book. He'll also be available for an extended Q&A time to answer any questions you have about the book or anything else related to starting and building your online business.
    passions into profits bonus -  Exclusive Live Training + Q&A Event
    passions into profits bonus -  How to create consistant content


    Pre-Order by midnight PT, January 10, 2023 and get access to a deep dive training on how to create consistent content for your business.

    In Step Ten of the book, you'll get a high-level overview of how to easily continually crank out more content that serves your audience. In this exclusive bonus training, Matt goes in-depth into the specifics of generating concepts for potential weekly content, producing it, and engaging your audience. Learn how to never run out of content ideas and create ongoing, profitable content in less than two hours each week.

    "This made creating my weekly content easy. Saved me at least an hour every week and turned my content into a money-making machine. Thanks Matt!" - Sarah Young


    Pre-Order by midnight PT, January 10, 2023 and get access to Matt's masterclass on email marketing.

    In this thorough training, Matt will walk you through exactly how to craft emails that grab attention, get opened, and are consistently read. This is key to building a profitable online business and you'll get an inside look at exactly what it takes to be an expert email marketer.
    "Through Matt's guidance I learned how to discern which offers made the most sense for my tribe, tailored my messaging accordingly, and sent the right emails on the right day to the right people to maximize my revenue. Matt's methods work. Period." - Dave Gambrill
    passions into profits bonus -  Email Marketing Masterclass
    passions into profits bonus -  The passions to profits training vault


    Pre-Order by midnight PT, January 10, 2023 and unlock access to Matt's Passions to Profits Training Vault. 

    More than 10 hours of helpful marketing tips, in-depth training, business building advice, and more... all yours when you pre-order Turn Your Passions into Profits.

    "Before I came across Matt and his course, I had no problem with growing my audience. The challenge for me was creating offers and figuring out how to promote those offers to generate revenue. Matt's vault will help you get the best out of each promotion you do and show you that you can still generate revenue even if you don't have your own product yet." - Marc Guberti


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    Ryan Moran - Passion into profits testimonial

    Six Figures from his college dorm

    I made my first six figures from my college dorm room using the strategies that Matt teaches every day on his blog and podcast. There are so many opportunities today to turn your passions into profits, and I'm thankful that Matt is sharing some of them with his readers.
    Ryan Moran, bestselling author of 12 Months to $1 Million
    Dan Miller endorses Turn Your Passions Into Profits

    Your blueprint for serving & living well

    Pay attention to what you already know as the potential source of your most important, and most profitable, message. And not being an expert may be your unique advantage. Here is your blueprint for serving well, living well, and leaving your dent in the universe.
    - Dan Miller, bestselling author of 48 Days to the Work You Love
    Passion into profits endorsement by Holly Homer

    "I am one of the success stories"

    I know that what Matt says works because I am one of his success stories! He helped me change the way I do affiliate marketing and it has strengthened my overall business which opened up new opportunities. Making money from doing what you love is not a crazy dream for other people. Matt breaks down the steps and gives you actionable items in every single chapter.
    - Holly Homer, bestselling author of 4 books including The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments
    Marcus Whitney - Passion into profits testimonial

    The exact steps to take action

    There are so many books out there that teach theory. This is not that book. Matt lays out the exact steps you can take action on to turn your passions into profits. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been an online entrepreneur for years, there’s something in this book that will help you grow your business immediately.
    Marcus Whitney, author of Create and Orchestrate: The Path to Claiming Your Creative Power from an Unlikely Entrepreneur
    Passion into profits endorsement by Jonathan Milligan

    You owe it to yourself to read this

    Starting an online business can be hard, making your first dollar online can be even harder sometimes. Matt makes it simple with easy-to-follow instructions that lay out exactly what is needed to be successful online. Matt’s tried and true plan for turning passions into profits just plain works. This book takes Matt’s life work and condenses it into a simple plan with some awesome stories along the way that help reinforce the steps you need to take to be successful. If you’ve ever struggled with making money online, or just want to pick up some amazing ideas in online business, you owe it to yourself to read this book.
    Jonathan Milligan, author of Your Message Matters and founder of Blogging Your Passion
     Rachel Miller endorses Turn Your Passions Into Profits

    The shortcut to profits

    Looking for simplicity? Or shortcuts to get real results in your business faster… even if you are starting from scratch? Matt's book will show you how to take that thing you are obsessed with and turn it into cash. This is THE blueprint I wish I had when I was starting from scratch! Matt and his book Turning Your Passions into Profits help you identify the steps to growing a successful business, that ANYONE can follow and use to shortcut their journey to a profitable side hustle, or even real job-replacing income! And the best part is he breaks it down so even the most busy person can do it!
    Rachel Miller, social media expert and founder of Moolah Marketer
    Passion into profits endorsement by Ray Edwards

    First $1M year

    Matt McWilliams helped my company achieve its first $1M revenue year. He continues to be a valued advisor and friend. This book is a gift to anyone who will read and heed its sage advice.
    - Ray Edwards, Communications Strategist and author of How to Write Copy That Sells
    John Jantsch - Passion into profits testimonial

    Soon-to-be classic...

    Matt has been doing for years what he finally reveals in this soon-to-be classic. Get the steps it takes to take your message, your passion, and your experiences and turn them into a profitable business.
    John Jantsch, bestselling author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Ultimate Marketing Engine
    Grant Baldwin - Passion into profits testimonial

    Proven roadmap to profits

    Building a business is not for the faint of heart. Thankfully, Matt has laid out a proven roadmap to turn your message into a fulfilling and lucrative platform. If you’re ready to do the work, this book will help create the profits you’re looking for.
    - Grant Baldwin, Founder/CEO of The Speaker Lab and bestselling author of The Successful Speaker
     Julie Solomon endorses Turn Your Passions Into Profits

    Matt's methods work

    Matt’s methods work. He’s been sharing them for years privately and now, in this book, he reveals the proven path to take your passions and turn them into profits.
    - Julie Solomon, bestselling author of Get What You Want

    Matt McWilliams is living proof that one can pursue one’s passion in life, and do so while making a profit as well. He started his first online business in 2001 at the age of 22 and today is one of the leading online business teachers. In the 19 years between his first venture and living out his passion and purpose, he’s worked with more than 300,000 online business owners while running affiliate programs, product launches, and book launches for entrepreneurs such as Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, Michael Hyatt, Brian Tracy, Lewis Howes, Jeff Goins, Ray Edwards, Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Rich Schefren, Ryan Levesque and more. He's personally coached the teams for Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, Jeff Walker, and today, he coaches small business owners, solopreneurs, and wantrepreneurs on how to start the right online business, scale it, and eventually go full-time with it.
    Text (260) 217-4619 or email
    Author Matt McWilliams Passions Into Profits
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