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What People Are Saying:
Matt showed me that I didn't have to create anything to begin making money and serving my audience. Instead, I could share products I believe in and help other people sell their products. This hit me like a ton of bricks...I literally went from having a blog that put me in debt for two years to making $3,000. It didn't stop there though. The following year with the help of Matt's training and tactics, I was able to grow my business to $10,000.
- Robby Miles
Matt taught me precisely how to be a partner in an elegant and authentic way that felt really me. From providing an ultimate system and structure (suggested mailing plans, even subject line suggestions), the entire process became easy, fun and profitable. I can spread important messages and missions to way more people. And I can't speak more highly of Matt. He's taught me so much and I'm a way better marketer as a result.
- Susie Moore
In the first year...I earned a whopping $384, which left me with the impression that success in affiliate marketing was well beyond my reach. Then I met Matt. He invited me to try one promotion and gave me all the strategy and tools I needed, and it worked! By the end of that year, my earnings had increased 100X and I'm on pace to double that again this year. 
- Brandon Cox
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