Every week (well, ALMOST every week) we do a LIVE webinar-style training sharing our Passion to Profit Path.

It really dives deep into the 12 steps of taking your passion and turning it into a viable business.

It includes an in-depth workbook, which you can find below, and it delivers practical tactics and strategies for getting started and growing an online business.

It also converts really well, which is hard to do when it's borderline overwhelming with the amount of information we share.

We're converting 11.2% of live attendees to purchasing our premium list-building training, List Launch Academy.

The full course is $997 (with payment plans available) and the commission is 50%!

The promo is pretty light, too. Just 3-4 days and no hard sells.

And the training is REALLY heavy on the information and training, so your people will love it even if they don't buy.

Below you will find a replay of one of our recent trainings so you can get a feel for the content. 

Below that, you will find the workbook and how you can sign up.

Once you sign-up, we'll review your application quickly and send you everything you need to succeed with your promotion!

"Matt's funnel flat out converted...

"Matt's funnel flat out converted. I knew my optins were going to be taken care of, learn some great stuff along the way, and ultimately convert. That makes it an easy decision for me to share this consistently with my tribe."
-Jonathan Milligan