"Get ALL My Affiliate Promotion 
Emails From the Last Year"

For the first time EVER I'm giving you ALL the affiliate promotion emails I sent in the past year. 

During the past year I have made over $218,400 in affiliate commissions from email campaigns...and now you get an inside look at the actual emails that helped me do it! 

  • Free Report Emails
  • Free Video Series Emails
  • ​Webinar Emails
  • ​Live Stream Emails
  • ​Open Cart Emails
  • Bonus Package Emails
  • Q&A Emails
  • ​Close Cart Emails
  • ​Testimonial/Case Study Emails
  • ​And many, many more...
What You'll Get:

128 Affiliate Marketing Emails

In the past 12 months, I have promoted nearly a dozen affiliate offers. You'll get every single email we sent for those promotions - pre-launch emails, webinar emails, cart open emails, cart close emails, live cast emails and much, much more. 

Good Artists Copy...

As Pablo Picasso said so well, "Good artists copy, great artists steal." Use this book to spark your creativity, "steal" email themes and phrasing, and improve your writing! 

Spiral Bound, Physical Book

This isn't just a PDF download. We will MAIL you a physical book full of ALL my emails. Keep it by your computer and use it every time you write email copy.

Learn WHY My Top Emails Performed Well

I've made $218,400 from these emails. Included with your purchase of my Affiliate Email Swipe Files is a video walkthrough of my top 20 emails. I'll go through each of the emails line-by-line and explain why I wrote what I did, and how you can use the same techniques. 
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