7 Affiliate Marketing Myths Destroyed

Come join me at 2pm ET | 11am PT on Thursday, January 27th. 

It’s too much of a distraction. It’s too salesy. Too sleazy. It’s mostly scammers. It will cost me sales of my own products. It doesn’t serve my audience. Ever heard those myths about affiliate marketing? Ever believed them yourself? 

For the past 16 years, I’ve helped tens of thousands of people just like you discover the amazing truth about affiliate marketing.I’ve helped to bust those myths and destroy the lies people tell themselves.

Join me live Thursday, January 27th at 2 pm ET if you want to get started right away you can even learn as you go.

This is a live lesson you do NOT want to miss, and while there will be a replay, it’s best live because I have some special goodies when you join live, you get to ask me your questions, and you get to interact with the others on the lesson!

Come join my live lesson at 2pm ET this Thursday (January 27th) to learn how!

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