We’re taking our Live Lessons to a whole new level!

Come join me at 12pm ET | 11am PT on Thursday, May 19th. 

If you didn’t notice last week...there wasn’t a Live Lesson. Instead of “weekly” Live Lessons, you’re gonna get FOUR live lessons…all showcased in one monthly episode. All my best and the latest thinking on affiliate management. How to find affiliates. What’s working now in affiliate marketing. Online business strategies. It’ll all be there…but with a twist… !

“TWIST” ALERT: During each monthly session, we’re going to take you behind the scenes so you can see what ACTUALLY goes on while we’re producing these “live” sessions.

Welcome to our little experiment…The Affiliate Guy Live! If you thought the Lives were entertaining and informative before…wait ‘til you test-drive our new approach. Shocking Admission: I’m not QUITE the unruffled, organized, smooth-talking affiliate guy you’re used to seeing. 

You have no idea how often I mess up…And you’re going to have a ringside seat for every flub, memory lapse, and amateur hour moment! Oh…one more thing…we’re gonna have plenty of Q+A BUT……only if you show up!

There will be NO REPLAY of our new monthly “Live” episode.

Come join my live lesson at 12pm ET Thursday (May 19th) to learn how!

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